What’s Child’s Eye Designs?

Hi, I’m Scott Varney a graphic designer located in Williamsburg Virginia. I am a husband and father of 4 who’s passions reside in multiple creative spaces. I am not only a designer but also a musician who performs regularly all around VA and I love awesome vegetarian fare. Child’s Eye Designs is my design space specializing in print, motion graphics & animation, web design, branding and all around visual arts. I believe in looking at everything with a “child’s eye” allowing ideas to come from a fresh perspective.

What I do?

I love to work on custom pieces that express myself as well as the clients I support. If you are working with me you can expect a collaborative experience whether it be a project I am working on with you or for you. I don’t believe in the my way or highway approach but I also feel you have hired me either because you like my work or have heard from someone who really likes my work so trust me, your in good hands with me working on your project. If there is anyway I can take a handmade approach to your project that is definitely where it is going (thats how it was done for hundreds of years before and still works well for custom work today).

What I won’t do?

I will not grab some clipart and throw it back to you and say “look what I made for you!!”. I will never approach a project with a closed mind. I will never create design that feels like it is not connected to something.


I am currently the full time senior designer for a local non profit health care system working on their brand management team. To keep the gears spinning I also take on many freelance as well as personal design projects. Before my current position, I worked for 5 years at an interactive based learning company doing interactive based graphic design. I love creating art that moves so if you have a need for animation or motion graphics I am definitely you’re guy.

Although I love working with pencils, paper and other traditional media I have a firm grip on modern day technologies
I work in the Adobe Creative suite everyday using Indesign, Photoshop & Illustrator and love to get the chance to work in After Effects and have a firm grip of interactive flash animation as well. I can move my way through building custom websites Using Html, CSS as well as some Javascript and PHP and can hand over the keys to you building your site within the framework of WordPress.


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